The Daily Debt Rattle

Submitted by Raúl Ilargi Meijer  –  The Automatic Earth

• Japan’s Economy Shrinks 1.4% As Abenomics Is Blown Off Course (Guardian)
• China Imports Plunge -18.8% YoY In January, Exports Fall -11.2% (FT)
• Yuan Rises Most Since 2005 as PBOC Voices Support, Raises Fixing (BBG)
• PBoC Governor Zhou Breaks Long Silence (BBG)
• Chinese Start to Lose Confidence in Their Currency (NY Times)
• China Markets Brace for Wild Swings in Year of the Monkey (WSJ)
• Selloff Plus A Market Holiday Make China Stocks Look Even More Expensive (BBG)
• Hong Kong Land Price Plunges Nearly 70% in Government Tender (BBG)
• Pakistan Default Risk Surges as $50 Billion Debt Bill Coming Due (BBG)
• ECB In Talks With Italy Over Buying Bundles Of Bad Loans (Reuters)
• Italy’s Banking Crisis Spirals Elegantly out of Control (WS)
• Nuclear Fuel Storage in South Australia Seen as Economic Boon (BBG)
• Oil Resumes Drop as Iran Loads Europe Cargo (BBG)
• Condensate Vs Crude Oil: What’s Actually in Those Storage Tanks? (Westexas)
• Renewables: The Next Fracking? (JMG)