The Daily Debt Rattle

Submitted by Raúl Ilargi Meijer  –  The Automatic Earth

• Banks’ Balance Sheets Are Poor Guides To Actual Risks And Uncertainties (FT)
• Banks Are Still The Weak Links In The Economic Chain (FT)
• The Eurozone Can’t Survive Another Banking Crisis (MW)
• I’m in Awe at Just How Fast Global Trade is Unraveling (WS)
• Tilting At Windmills: The Faustian Folly Of Quantitative Easing (Steve Keen)
• If Zero Interest Rates Fixed What’s Broken, We’d Be in Paradise (CHS)
• China Turns on Taps and Loosens Screws in Bid to Support Growth (BBG)
• China Debt Binge Spurs S&P Warning (BBG)
• China Loses Control of the Economic Story Line (WSJ)
• China’s Big Bet On Latin America Is Going Bust (CNN)
• Pimco’s $12 Billion Standoff Over Austria Bad Bank (BBG)
• Things Are Coming Unglued for Canadian Investors (WS)
• Calgary Housing Market Collapses As “Three-Alarm Blaze” Burns In Vancouver (ZH)
• What Are We Smelling? (Dmitry Orlov)
• Not a game (Papachelas)