Money is stored labor. Labor is part of human life. ….. To debase money is to devalue life itself.


STEALTHFLATION:  An intractable economic condition that inevitably arises as excessively issued fiat currency compulsively pursues non-productive wealth assets in a grossly over-leveraged economy which has been artificially reflated by Central Banking authorities, in a misguided attempt to synthetically engineer economic growth via extreme monetization.  (ie: Counterfeit Quantitative Easing & Interest Rate Suppression)

This ill-advised monetary regime effectively prevents the real economy on the ground from realizing the healthy normalization of free market forces crucial to genuine capital formation, authentically derived from bona fide industrious productivity which generates actually earned savings, the very life blood essential to creating legitimate and sustainable economic growth.

Under the imposition of StealthFlation, asset prices are deliberately inflated in an irrational attempt to elicit a vapid wealth effect, while the generative velocity of money is extinguished. Worse still, the seeds of hyperinflation are sown, as the compromised overtly financialized economy becomes increasingly dependent upon the interminable entirely destructive monetization.

It’s not about the new Stock Market highs, nor the Dollar and U.S. Treasury safe haven.

It’s all about tomorrow’s confidence in our Monetary system.

Are you confident in the malignant malfunctioning monetization?

The Original 90% Silver Roman Denarius
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  Debased to less than 5% silver  –  by 350 A.D. it was worthless

They Will Reflate!         There Won’t Be Growth!         There Will Be Blood!