The Daily Debt Rattle

Submitted by Raúl Ilargi Meijer  –  The Automatic Earth


Russell Lee Washington DC, “Cafe on L Street.”  1938 
• Will Yellen Set The Dollar Free? (CNBC) 
• European Commission Backs Greek Reform Proposals (WSJ)
• Greek Plan to Tackle Economy Goes Before Finance Chiefs (Bloomberg) 
• Greece ‘Delays Reform Plan Deadline’ (BBC) 
• ‘It’s Treason!’ Greek Anger At Government U-Turn (CNBC) 
• Interventionism Kills: Post-Coup Ukraine One Year Later (Ron Paul) 
• Why the World Is So Bad at Tracking Dirty Money (Bloomberg) 
• Medicines To Cost Taxpayers Millions More In Secret TTIP Trade Deal (Guardian) 
• Apple Now Twice As Big As World’s 2nd-Largest Company, ExxonMobil (Telegraph) 
• The Performance of Many Hedge Funds Just Comes Down to Owning Apple (Bloomberg) 
• How Goes the War? (Jim Kunstler) 
• Putin Says War With Ukraine ‘Unlikely’ (BBC) 
• Tales From an Oil-Sands Slide: Angst Amid Bravado in Alberta (Bloomberg) 
• European Shale Dream Is Dying Before It Started (CNBC)
• Work Of Prominent Climate Change Denier Funded By Energy Industry (Guardian) 
• UK Will Need To Import Over Half Of Its Food Within A Generation (Guardian)